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Tree Services

Commercial and residential tree
planting trimming and removal

Sunshine Property Services specializes in tree service

Our tree care professionals have achieved the pinnacle of their field and received recognition accordingly. Sunshine Property Services is highly skilled in diagnosing and addressing issues to safeguard both your trees and your landscape investment.

Sunshine Property Service holds official recognition as an accredited tree care enterprise. We hold accreditation from Broward County License CC# B-1492 and are dedicated to delivering optimal service.


Some of our services are listed below.

Planting: The significance of correct tree planting and transplantation is frequently overlooked. Incorrect execution can have lasting effects on the development and lifespan of your trees.

Our skilled local arborists can assist by assessing several crucial elements: the prevailing local weather conditions, regional pests and diseases, soil attributes, and the available area. 


Pruning: is a practice that is periodically required on all woody landscape plants. Mature, Young and Palm Trees


Mature Trees- For mature trees, proper pruning becomes essential to eliminate deceased and deteriorating branches. This practice is commonly known as "structural pruning." This involes the removal of live branches to reduce density, effectively lowers wind resistance and subsequent storm-related harm.


Young Trees: The optimal time for pruning might be sooner than anticipated.When transplanted into well-lit landscapes, numerous species tend to develop multiple stems or leaders, rendering them more susceptible to breakage. Lower branches tend to grow alongside the main leader, resulting in feeble connections that are prone to failure later in the plant's life. 


Palm Trees: Trimming palm trees necessitates the elimination of expired fronds, blossom stems, and sizable fruit. This process must ensure that the petiole remains connected to the stem. 

Removal:  Each tree represents either a valuable resource or a potential hazard. If a professional evaluation of tree risk identifies a possible problem – such as irreversible damage or disease – the necessity for tree removal or cutting might arise.

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Happy Customers

Sunshine Property Services is simply amazing. They take time to say hello and inspect the lawn prior to performing service. They spray in every corner and makes sure they always get every inch of the property covered. If he notices anything, before he leaves, he provides feedback. For instance, yesterday he mentioned to water a bit less.I highly recommend them.
Thanks for making Glenn for a delightful experience and making my property look Amazing.

Sophia & John S.


Expert Tree Care

Reliable & Trustworthy

30+ Years of Experience

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