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Lawn Service

We make it our priority to
get your lawn in the best shape of its life.

In search of local lawn care solutions?

Sunshine Property Services offers a comprehensive range of services to maintain the vibrancy and verdant appearance of your lawn.

From essential tasks like lawn fertilization and aeration to weed control and more, we have all your lawn care requirements addressed. Our services are specifically tailored to suit your lawn's needs. Whether for residential or commercial spaces, our lawn care services aim to transform your outdoor landscape into the ideal vision you've always envisioned. Attaining a lusher, more delightful lawn is now simpler than ever with our attentive approach.


We mow properly:

Did you know optimal techniques exist for lawn mowing? We will trim your lawn as frequently as necessary, ensuring we cut at the suitable height for your specific grass type. 


We clear out the weeds:

Dealing with weeds effectively can demand significant labor. Opting for a solo approach entails recognizing the specific weed types present and initiating treatment with a product tailored to those concerns. For instance, a potent mixture of undiluted white vinegar and a tablespoon of dish soap proves effective against weeds such as dandelions.

We select the right fertilizer:

Every lawn possesses distinct characteristics, demanding individualized maintenance, underscoring the necessity of selecting the appropriate fertilizer. 

We let your lawn breathe by aerating:
A crucial aspect of nurturing a thriving, flourishing lawn is lawn aeration. This practice becomes necessary due to the accumulation of thatch and compacted soil.  Our property executed aeration techniques willsubstantially benefit your lawn.

Advise on watering your lawn:

In the realm of fundamental lawn care, ensuring proper hydration through watering can make a significant difference. It's essential to maintain adequate moisture for your lawn. • We advise on the appropriate time for watering and aim for a depth of 6-8 inches

We know Timing Is Everything:

In the realm of lawn care, it's not solely about applying the correct substances; the timing of application is equally crucial. We take the time to conduct research and ensure the timing is precise. 

Your standards are incredibly demanding. That's precisely why selecting Sunshine Property Services is a wise choice – we're the community's top-tier lawn care company. Our array of lawn maintenance services caters to various needs of our customers. While you focus on what truly matters, we'll dedicate ourselves to ensuring your lawn remains in its finest condition. If your satisfaction isn't at 100%, rest assured, we'll take the necessary steps to rectify it. 

Trimming the Grass

Happy Customers

Sunshine Property Services is simply amazing. They take time to say hello and inspect the lawn prior to performing service. They spray in every corner and makes sure they always get every inch of the property covered. If he notices anything, before he leaves, he provides feedback. For instance, yesterday he mentioned to water a bit less.I highly recommend them.
Thanks for making Glenn for a delightful experience and making my property look Amazing.

Sophia & John S.


Expert Lawn Care

Reliable & Trustworthy

30+ Years of Experience

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