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Property Clean Up

In need of yard clean up service?
Sunshine Property Services is standing by ready to help.

Need to clean up your land or property?

Require assistance in tidying up your land or premises? Is your yard experiencing  overgrowth, undergrowth, junk, or storm debris is it becoming challenging to manage? Our comprehensive range of services encompasses land cleaning, to entirely eliminating debris, vegiation, trees and stumps.


Overgrowth: Are tree branches casting shadows on your fence, screened porch, or roof? Do your landscaping bushes exceed desired height and width, becoming unmanageable? Allow us to provide you with an estimate for the necessary trimming and maintenance.

Undergrowth : We specialize in eliminating undergrowth like tall grass, weeds, vines, bushes, palmettos, saplings, and more.This transformation won't just create a more spacious and functional property but will also enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Junk Removal: Dealing with clutter? Maybe there's a deteriorating feature like an aged shed or a neglected playground. What about old vehicles—a school bus, boat, truck, or car? We are fully equipped to swiftly clear out the unwanted items from your premises and responsibly dispose of them on your behalf.

Storm Cleanup:  We offer rapid and secure debris cleanup and stump removal services in the aftermath of storms or hurricanes, encompassing debris elimination. Our comprehensive arsenal includes top-tier equipment like grapple trucks. Our team members boast extensive expertise in proficiently operating all of our machinery.


Whether it's a singular, property cleanup or a routine yearly yard maintenance, feel free to contact Sunshine Property Services at 954-336-4116. No matter the items present on your property that necessitate removal, we possess the capability to take care of their removal efficiently!


Happy Customers

"Hurricane Ian left us with quite a mess, We called Sunshine Property Services to remove the large trees down tress and debris.We expect a long wait time but Glenn the owner said they would be out the next day. The customer service and quality of work is amazing. We highly recommend them" 

Sophia & Greg B.


Expert Removal Care

Reliable & Trustworthy

30+ Years of Experience

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