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While the majority of our customers finalize their orders directly through this website, we recognize that unique circumstances might necessitate the presence of an on-site expert.


The cost is directly applied to your purchase should you choose to proceed with the installation, and it does not encompass requests solely for delivery. Once an on-site order is made, we promptly reach out to you to arrange a suitable date and time that aligns with your schedule.


Our On-site Sod Consultation serves to determine the optimal amount and type of sod grass required for your yard. To ensure a precise estimation of the sod quantity, it's advisable to have one of our professionals conduct an in-home consultation.

We will measure the area and consider any inclines or other factors impacting the sod quantity.


This on-site consultation provides the most precise estimation for your sod purchase—eliminating guesswork and the need to calculate it yourself. Leave it all to us; we've got you covered!

Measurement & Consulting

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